Although not (yet) a mother in the true sense of the word, for a long time I’ve possessed a ‘motherheart:’  a desire to nurture and make a positive difference - something many of us can relate to on some level. My biggest learning is that before we can fully be of service to the world and to those around us, we must first learn how to mother ourselves.

My own path of healing and spirituality has been accelerated conscious living; I am almost 5 years sober from alcohol and drugs. Through my personal journey, my belief is that sustainable inner change cannot be achieved by temporary mind-altering methods or material ‘things’. They provide a short-term fix, but they do not cure. 

Sobriety is a life choice that is by no means a necessity for everyone, and is certainly not a pre-requisite for working with me! I do, however, think that in a culture whose attitude is so often ‘play now, pay later’, it’s important that each of us chooses to show up for ourselves now so that we can grow, heal and fully become who we are capable of being.