6-Week ‘Inner Fix’ One-to-One
Intensive Program


“I honestly feel like a new person. I can't believe how much has changed over just a few weeks!"


I work with a limited number of clients each year on the 6-Week Inner Fix Intensive Program. 

The 6 week Inner Fix Intensive program is designed to transform you and your life from the inside-out. The 6x 90 minute online Skype sessions combine life-consultancy techniques with deep emotional clearing work. 


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“The best bit about it was Joanne’s dedication to helping me. She gave me such a sense of hope and optimism; her caring personality was just what I needed as I tried to navigate through some difficult decisions in my life. Our sessions were the highlight of my busy week.”



What It Is

An intensive ‘life overhaul’ program that includes 6 x 90-minute sessions via Skype, weekly check-in calls, relevant resources straight to your inbox and reflective work to be completed ahead of each new session.

Who You Will Be Working With

As co-author of The Inner Fix, I am passionate about my book’s message and the content of this 6-week Inner Fix Intensive Program. Therefore, you will be working directly with me, Joanne, for its duration. To read more about my experience as a life-consultant and healing practitioner, click here.


Outlined below is the basic structure of the 6-week program. This content is tailored to your individual goals and desires:

Week 1: Fear & Addictive Behaviour
Letting go of fear, self-doubt and negative habits

Week 2: Self-Love & Spiritual Connection
Increase your self-worth, positivity and happiness ten-fold

Week 3: Body & Health
Learn how to get your body into optimum shape through a loving, nourishing health regime.

Week 4: Relationships & Romance
Attract and create the love life and friendships that you desire  

Week 5: Money & Finance
Learn the formula for financial abundance, wealth and security

Week 6: Career & Life Purpose
Design an action plan for your future, and get clear about the ‘bigger picture’ plan for your life


More info & pricing available on request